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If I turn off my sewer, my bathroom still empty the trash?

Recently I had my sewer bill first. It was 80 dollars! This seems too high as my last apartment had a bill of $ 7.88 every two months. My sewer and garbage are on one bill, but I can have my garbage in my parents' house in the street (they have a roller bucket) I wonder if I close the drain outlet, would it effect anything?

I do not know where you live, but in most cities sewer and water are charged the same reading of water consumption, but if you are able to turn off your toilet drain discharged until the residual water accumulates in pipes, then they have a problem very smelly. 80 wastewater dollar bill is very high, but if water bills and sewer is combined, you can have a pipe Water leaking, I would say if you live in an apartment to call your property manager and ask them to check for leaks in the case of a home water City and division to examine sewage meter will indicate leaks in water mains supply