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waste dumpsters
What do you think of Tim Horton's policy to encourage recycling of their waste? slow recycling containers in the trash?

Personally, I think that recycling contributes to a certain extent, but how consumers can put any effort using them.I have "seen people throw garbage out of car windows, emptying ashtrays in parking lots, leaving bulk trash (tires, sofas, etc.) in a shopping center dumpsters because they were too expensive to translate dump.We, consumers also have to do our part.What are your feelings?

Education, education, education. Leaders of the community of responsible citizens of their communities. I sat on a committee meeting where he spoke at City Council meetings and all, but the share is not yet 100%, is better. I am trying to start and initiative for schools primary and secondary schools to recycle and come and talk with students in most schools do not really hold this child. The bins will be useful, but education and people aware of their responsibility as consumers and citizens.