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Dumpster Diving

Like the saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and no one makes a better argument than those who roll up their sleeves and take the literal plunge. What is becoming more and more known dumpster diving is when people or divers sift through residential and other waste dumpsters to find items that might come in handy. Whether they are searching for cans to cash in for money or items they may need, dumpster diving is an activity that is known around the world and is referred to by many different names such as bin-diving, containering, D-mart,dumpstering,and tatting.

Who are Dumpster Divers?

A variety of different types of people choose to dumpster dive for a wide range of reasons. While some partake in diving for economic necessity and survival other do it to find items that might be useful to them. Those in low economic classes might search though waste dumpster for recyclable material that may be worth cash value. Artists may dig through trash looking for discarded material and items that could contribute to their creations. The police and private investigators dig through garbage as a tactic to find evidence for cases. Dumpster diving may also be used as an academic tool for students studying to become garbologists. Garbologists study the sociology of trash in modern day society. They use the trash they gather to help analyze the modern patterns refuse and human society.

Legal Controversy

Trash dumpsters are typically located on private property and in some cases divers may suffer from trespassing violations. However, dumpster diving itself is legal and protected under laws of property abandonment. In many criminal trials evidence that has been collected through dumpster diving has been permitted, however through civil cases it is more controversial. Private investigator companies have stared specializing in dumpster diving as the need for individuals who have the talents to be discreet have risen for the collection of such evidence. Private investigators and their institutions have also gained more recognition and advantages from dumpster diving by producing written works describing how to dumpster dive secretively, effectively, what to look for etc.

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