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Waste Dumpsters

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waste dumpsters
I use to be able to go to places like goodwill,salvation army etc. and get things out of the dumpster that?

would amaze me that they would throw away.Recently in the last several years they have put high fences around their dumpsters.What gets me everybody talks about recycling and this is a very big waste.Most everybody did a good job of cleaning after themselves.Are the high fences a nationwide trend? I live in texas.How is it in other states?
I am talking about the dumpster not the donating bin.

Fences around ” trash bins” you asked. Trash is trash; “another’s trash is another’s treasure.” Fences are prolly for their protection in case you get hurt and decide to sue said charity.

That’s Not Garbage…That’s My Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner And Possible Snack…Freegans