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Used Roll Off Containers

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used roll off containers
Questions about preparing and feeding baby formula?

Im just starting to wean my 6 month old to formula exclusively and I have some questions.
1) After boiling tap water and letting it cool, how soon do I have to use it? Can I store it in a gallon container and only use it when necessary or should I use it within 48 hours?
2) How long do I have to boil the water for? I’ve been keeping it at a rolling boil for 20 seconds then turning it off. Does it need to boil for a few minutes?
3) Once she starts a bottle, if she stops and theres still formula left, do I have to throw it away immediately?

Any other tips or suggestions regarding formula feeding would be great.

Thanks =)
Toya- I meant after she feeds from the bottle, not after I make the bottle. lol
Also- why would I prepare the bottle before I left the house? Isnt it easier to just take a small container of water and small container of powder and mix it when she’s ready to eat?

Everybody around the world is so weird.

1.just buy distilled water or the baby fluoride water
2. no need to boil if you spend a couple of cents on water or buy a purifier
3. Normally just one hour unrefrigerated but think about this. You prepare bottle then go shopping. what do you do after your in the mall for an hour throw the bottles away. No! just try to keep it under 1 to 2 hours unrefrigerated or just buy one of the cooling devices and put it back in the fridge immediately after the baby eats. Not wasting milk then.