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trash dumpsters
How is trash collected and handled in Europe?

Residential and commercial. In the U.S. we take it to the side of the road once or twice a week and the trash men pick it up (residential) or we take it to a dumpster and the dumpster is emptied by the trash men (commercial). Apartments are usually handled like commercial propertied and tenants take their trash out to the dumpster. After all this it is taken to a landfill and dumped. How does trash service work in Europe, especially at the final end (dumping or burning).

It’s handled differently in different countries.

I live in an apartment in a house in Norway. There are bins outside for trash and paper (shared by the closest neighbors), picked up weekly. Plastic, glass and cans are taken to a nearby grocery store where you turn them in for money.

You can see what happens to waste products on the table here:


Much of it is recycled or incinerated for energy, the rest mostly goes to a landfill or is incinerated without energy recovery.

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