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How can an apartment complex get away with not payin their trash bill?

My folks live in a well known apartment complex and they got a letter stating that there is a trash emergency. All the dumpsters were taken away and we found out that it involved all the complexes owned by this management company, not just this one. I found out today that the bill was not paid for six(6) months. The letter states that we are to keep our trash on our patios and balconies until further notice. No one is listening to that cause that will bring critters and bugs, besides that is a health hazard. Wait til the fire marshal hears about this one. Last time something like this happened it was the water that was shut off for nonpayment and next thing we knew we had to pay the water bill on our own. I think they are gonna try to make us pay the trash bill too. That is not fair to residents. What do you think about this and tell me please if there are any legal issues that can arise from this.

Contact your city housing office and report them. Trash pickup is included in your rent, it’s not a luxury provided by the management. What they’re doing isn’t legal.

An EMD Trash Train and a GEVO Trash Train

Written by Dumpster Man

July 29th, 2008 at 7:02 am