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trash dumpsters
we pay for a locked dumpster, but others in this building are placing there trash outside of it.what can I do?

Other tenants were given the chance to partake in the monthy bill and keep the dumpster but they declined. So we are taking on the payments solely. I have to keep tossing their trash into the dumpster and the squirrels and deers are having a field day making a mess of it. HELP what can I do besides SCREAM?

that would piss me off! stop putting these peoples trash in the can for them. you are enabling them. let it sit there and rot. the complex will begin to see there is a problem and they will have to act upon it – knowing that you are the only one paying will make it easier for them to fine everyone else!

if you are seeing the people who are doing this, i would simply take their trash back to them. you need to let your property manager know this is happening. if they do nothing, try reporting the offenders for littering and the complex will be fined. if there is any way to get the owners attention – do it.

Written by Dumpster Man

April 26th, 2010 at 5:18 am