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trash dumpster
leaving trash outside of dumpster?

Family of Mexican’s in our apartment building always leave their trash outside of the dumpster. The dumpster is not full or anything, they just put it out there, untied, for all the animals to come and make a mess of our parking lot.And drag it down the stairs leaving a liquid mess of who knows what on the way. Are there any laws to have these idiots fined for this? Our rent is so high here and I used to like it. I have told them when I have seen them, “put it in there!” Now they are just being jerks. Plus they have like 10 people living in a two bedroom, which was discovered by a policeman when I called once to do a well being check on residents due to a disturbence.

COMPLAIN TO YOUR LANDLORD immediately. State that their not following the rules, for whatever reason, is causing a health & safety hazard.

Also, I would find out how to write “put all trash IN the dumpsters, a$$holes!” in Spanish, make this sign & tape it to the dumpster.