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the dumpster
Hey I have a questions for all the vegans out there. Would you eat me from the dumpster?

Keep in mind it’s all sealed, and the only thing wrong with it is a corprate date printed on the package. I am a vegan and I also dumpster dive. it is discusting how much food waste is generated daily esp. meat. I’ve seen nights where over 50 lbs of meat were just toss. It’s like the animal die for nothing, so what would you do?

I think your referring to Freegans, Freeganism is an anticonsumerism movement. Freegan’s are not necessarily vegan, they can be omnivores, vegetarian or vegan. Some *vegans* are also Freegans, but I personally don’t want to dumpster dive. There should be food collection agencies to collect and re-distribute unwanted or unsold food. I don’t think people should have to go through the garbage for food. Sadly many companies are unwilling to give away left overs because they think it will effect their sales & profits.



MMPR #0 – Day of the Dumpster (Pilot part 1)

Written by Dumpster Man

May 3rd, 2007 at 7:31 am