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Can a buyer of your home, turn you over to a debt collection service to collect?

The buyer of our home tried to charge us $2,902.38 for removal of some items, dumpster fees, and best of all storage fees @ $35.00 per WEEK, for a old rusty boat trailer . I never recieved a ligitamate bill from this guy just letters stating what we owed him. Can he just charge us what he wants? Can this go on your credit report, or, is the next step small claims court?
I didn’t live in the home for 6 years, my ex did, I started to clean it out before closing But she decided to closed when I took my children on vacation for a week. I signed papers by faxing while on vacation. Everything was rush rush. When We got home she had moved even though she said she wasn’t moving yet. I did go to the new owner the day I got back to make arrangements for clean-up, but he didn’t even shake my hand when offered, and kept on walking away from me. He was a huge P–ck

This would have had to be part of the final contract. You should remove everything from the home, but if there was no specific clause in the contract, then they got the place as is, and you can tell him to take a hike. Check with the realtor and/or the title company that handled the closing.

If you do owe something, he’d have to show you estimates and final bills for the costs, and they would have to be reasonable; he can’t mark up the costs or present you with a bill for things like a dumpster without giving you the actual invoices.

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