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Dumpster For Rent

At times, you end up stacking, storing and accumulating so much of trash in your homes that it becomes an absolute necessity to hire a local dumpster rental company.

It could be also be the situation that you want to hire a dumpster rental company simply for cleaning up a home after renovation, re-furnishing or a major landscaping project. Whatever the case could be, we at Dumpster Source offer you complete and customized dumpsters for rent. We offer dumpsters for rent for cleaning up overflowing garages, storage rooms, attics or basements or for cleaning up homes. We also provide dumpsters for rent when you need to dispose off unwanted or worn out possessions on the occasion of moving out of your home. Uncluttered spaces restore spatial harmony and cleanliness in homes.

Most city trash disposal companies limit the amount of rubbish they pick up weekly, as well as the types of trash accepted. Here, comes in the importance of a dumpster rental company like Dumpster Source to remove trash, useless items, old and useless furniture and appliances and any such item, which is not required any more and is eating up space and adding to filth.

Facts about Dumpsters for Rent:

The size of the dumpster required is the most important thing to know. Dumpsters come in a variety of yardage sizes and dimensions varying from ten to as huge as thirty or forty yard containers. A ten yard dumpster can hold the mess cleared from a small basement or garage, the junk cleared from a 1500 square foot roof top, or a small kitchen or bathroom. A thirty yard container can hold the trash from a major home addition or the construction of a small home. It could probably accommodate the demolition of a garage or a small part of the property. We assist our customers in selecting the right size of dumpsters.

We have a very smooth and easy rental charge procedure for dumpsters. We charge our customers according to the size of the unit, the length of the rental term, and the extra weight, which exceeds the weight that was negotiated when the contract was signed for the rental. If the actual weight of your trash exceeds the size or yard of the dumpster ordered, the extra charge will be added to the rental fee.

The items, which we exclude from dumping into the dumpsters provided by us are chemicals, gasoline, oils, and other toxic or flammable substances.

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