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small dumpster
You park in alley in line with dumpster and the way is as clear as before?

Should you still get a ticket — meters were all occupied, and you were making just a quick stop, less than 10 minutes?

The dumpster is already blocking some of alley, but it is wide enough to get by and your car is small and not as wide as the dumpster, so the way is still as clear as it was before you parked…

It is late evening, no garbage truck was blocked because they are working ONLY during the day.
Are Minnesota women thoroughly pre-programmed or is it the case that MNwomen is just a judge with stiff sentences in accord with the law, and there are NO extenuating circumstances?

I guess most everyone else is just delighted with their own parking tickets by default, eh?

So, MN Women gets the Best Answer for two stars.

No parking in alleys so yes you should get a ticket. Does not matter how long or that you thought it was clear enough.

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