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Get A Dumpster Before Gutting That Old House

So you bought a great old house with really good bones, but the plaster ceiling is hanging in the upstairs bathroom. You’ve got a toilet and rotted floor to rip out in that bathroom. There’s disgusting old wall-to-wall carpeting and padding over those gorgeous hardwood floors downstairs. You need to replace the porch roof and do a lot of brush cutting in your new yard.

Your town only allows a single can on garbage day. What are you going to do with all that waste? In this throw-away world, it is essential to dispose of unwanted materials responsibly and respect the environment. Proper disposal is important for a lot of reasons.

Some of your waste, such as tree limbs, brush cuttings and leaves, may be recyclable as compost. Other outside waste, such as old asphalt or concrete, can be recycled for use as fill for construction sites. The rest needs to be disposed of in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Using an insured and licensed carting company that furnishes different sized containers is the easy way to dispose of your waste.

The better carting companies offer a recycling container to use for concrete, asphalt, dirt, stumps, brush and yard waste, and will ensure that these items are repurposed or composted, instead of taking up space in a landfill. For construction debris, ripped off roofing materials, and house and basement clean-ups a regular roll off container will serve your purpose. Typically a carting company will provide the dumpster for a period of 5-7 days. Some are more accommodating if you have special needs.

Containers come in sizes of 15, 20, 30, or 40 yards. The smallest of those being big enough for most modest residential and commercial projects such as a kitchen remodel or a two car garage clean out. A major home renovation or demolition cleanup would require a larger dumpster, up to a 40 yard container. 15 cubic yards of debris is equal to roughly 10 car loads, while 40 cubic yards of debris is roughly the equivalent of 25 car loads.

There are some things that should not go into waste containers. Hazardous waste such as old paint cans, air conditioners that still contain freon, flammables, medical waste, mattresses, electronics and computers should not be disposed of into a roll-off container. These items should not be dumped into a landfill, because they will leach out hazardous waste and cause ground water contamination. Every municipality is required to have a hazardous waste disposal day, so call your municipality to get more information on disposing of things that can’t be put into a waste container.

Creosote railroad ties and tires are usually priced differently for disposal since they require special handling in order to be disposed of responsibly. Using a reputable carting company makes your waste disposal a breeze. The dumpster is dropped off in the spot you want it and on the day you specify, then carted away when you’ve filled it. What could be easier?

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