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roll off dumpsters
What do you guys think about this prison hooch concoction?

3 cans of orange juice concentrate (we accidentally bought orange pinapple)
yeast (we used moldy bread)
tap water
trash bag

we mixed the contents into the trash bag and then sealed it. we bought a bottle of shampoo to try to filter the air so that it would mask the smell, but decided not to use it. we’re just going to roll with the shitty smell when we burp the air out of the bag.

from what i read, the yeast breaks down the sugar into alcohol and CO2. when the CO2 expands the bag, that’s when we’ll burp it (and gag off the dumpster smell coming from the trash bag).

we will be running warm water over the hooch from time to time to hopefully accelerate the fermenting process. we’ll likely try the first batch around christmas and then make adjustments for the new year’s eve batch.

the biggest problem:

I have never seen a trash bag that was food-grade, so who knows what kind of chemicals are going to leach from the trash bag into the drink. i wouldn’t touch it

get a fermenting pail & airlock for about $15-20 around the US… then you wouldn’t have to worry.

if thats too much for you, get an old 1-3 gallon glass bottle for a few dollars, and then get a rubber stopper and airlock for a few dollars.