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roll off dumpsters

Can a Roll Off Dumpster Damage My Driveway?

The roll of dumpsters is the service through which the customer can use to store the unnecessary goods to clean the area whether it may be a home remodel, construction site or the road. So, all you need to do is pile up all the unnecessary goods and then call for the roll off dumpster. The service provider will provide it as your request. Then you have filled up the container the service provider will pick it up. To delivery the roll of dumpster to the customer site a construction trucks are used. Let us have a look at whether a roll off dumpster can go for damage your driveway.

Protecting the surface

The truck which is used for delivery is very heavy. In addition to that the weight of full roll of container can make it even very heavy. Hence, the highly recommendation from the service provider is that the customer should protect the surface where the roll of container will be placed. The roll off dumpster is normally made of metal. There are different types of roll of container are available depending on the size of it. The size may be small or may be large depending on the requirement. If you do not have more unnecessary goods then probably you will need a small size roll off containers. The service provider is not at all responsible for any damages. Roll off dumpsters are used for putting the unnecessary goods inside. The goods referred to here are those goods which might pile up at your home, construction site so that you can clear your house or the construction site.

Placing sheets of plywood on the driveway

You as a customer may not have the prior knowledge about the working condition of your driveway. If you are concern about this area then it is recommended that you should place sheets of plywood on the driveway where the roll off container is placed. Atomic roll off is not responsible for any damage on the driveway to any property such as concrete, lawn, underground utilities etc. But they are responsible for damage on the driveway which is caused by atomic roll off when delivering the material which is beyond the curb line. It is very important to note that you cannot put some items such as oils, paints…etc and other hazardous materials in the dumpster.

Of course it is true that the roll off dumpster can damage your driveway if not properly taken care of when it arrives. Roll off dumpster have wheels on the rear that help them to roll off onto the ground. It is recommended that the roll off container should be placed on the hard surface. Because if you place it on the lawns, then the containers may sink into the ground as though lawn may appear dry but due to rain it might be slippery. You can put a piece of plywood down for the containers but it may have the possibility of scratching the driveways.

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