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roll off dumpsters
Was it just luck that I didn’t get a underage?

I was driving my friends and I home the other night from a party and My one friend was sick to his stomach so I pulled over into a parking lot for him to get out. As soon as he goes behind some dumpsters a cop comes rolling up behind me with lights going.

He asked me if i was drinking and I said yes one beer, he breathalyzed me and he said i was blowing any number really. He smelled the spilled beer on my friend he pointed it out. I claimed to be lost and then he gave me directions and sent me on my way, no ticket, no dui, no underage……. WHY?

Ive been going over it over and over again in my head i dont understand how I got off>>>>>??
He said i WASNT blowing any number that registered on the breathalyzer

You didn’t register any alcohol on the breathalyzer so he had no proof that you were DUI. Since he had only your word that you had a beer he couldn’t cite you for drinking underage.

The cop saw that you were trying to help your friend and being responsible so he didn’t give you a ticket. Count your blessing that you happened on a nice cop and see it as a sign to not drink and drive in future.