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roll off dumpsters
I want to liquidate the contents of parent’s estate quickly. How should I proceed?

I’ve already tried an auction service. They came in and took most of the best furniture, then sold it for pennies and most of the stuff they took didn’t sell and I had to hire a truck and go there and get it back. Antique dealers only want Sotheby’s quality merchandise, and who has that? Estate liquidators charge high fees plus a percentage. One even told me he doubted what he could get from the estate would even cover his fee. Another auctioneer suggested I rent a roll-off dumpster and put everything in it. I admit I don’t have high-end antiques and collectibles, but this stuff must have value to someone. I’m looking for someone that will come in and give me a price for the lot and take it away – not pick and choose and only want the “good stuff.” I even tried Ebay last summer. I put some depression and carnival glass up for sale and didn’t even get a nibble. Any suggestions?

I’d talk to a trusted realtor and see if they can suggest some antiques dealers that offer a better deal. I had to clear out my aunt’s house – she had some interesting stuff, loads of books, lots of junk – and got $6000 for the proceeds net of cleaning, then they hauled away the remainder.

Short of that, looks like you’re going to tag sale it. Remember – the right price isn’t what you think it’s worth, but what someone will pay for it. So be prepared to sell that Depression-era glass for $5.


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