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roll off dumpsters
If a truck driver has an incident at work?

I had an incident at work,I drive a trash truck.I dumped a dumpster at work and when I got the dumpster off of the truck it rolled into a car.Apparently this is a problem at this particular stop,it’s happened to another employee and also the the owner of the company at separate times.

I was not warned of this issue at all.So the dumpster rolls off and hits a car causing $1,300 in damages and the boss wants me to help pay for it by taking money out of my already tiny paycheck.I make 300-400 a week working there.
Can he do that?Is it legal?If he does it,can I sue him for my wages?

They probably cannot force you to pay, but you cannot force them to keep you as an employee.

If you walk away from the job, that might be the end of it, unless there is more to the story (for example, if the accident occurred because you were horsing around at work). But if you don’t agree to pay, you might be fired. So, you better decide whether you need the job more than they need you or vice versa.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the company certainly has insurance. The most they should ask you to kick in is the company’s deductible. You should point this out, although a commercial liability policy might have a deductible larger than $1,300.

This is not what you wanted to hear, I know. But you have to do some quick calculation about how easy it would be to get another job, and whether they would give you a good recommendation if you quit right now. I wish you well.