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Roll Off Containers

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roll off containers
What is this type of semi trailer called?

What are the trailers called where the front end sits very high on the 5er plate but real low on the back end? I assume that the trailer lays flat on the ground when unloaded almost like having a roll-off container with an axle on the rear. If you have any experince, how are they to pull?
A frac looks right, except the ones that I’ve seen look more like a dumpster that you see delivered on a roll back. Maybe these are just a newer use for the frac design? Since you don’t have to slide it off and on the truck bed, you probably wouldn’t need as much space to line up with it. Just a guess.

You may need to be more specific, but I hope this is what you mean.

It almost sounds like you are describing what’s called a “Frac” (Fracture) tank trailer. http://www.productiontanks.com/frac_trailers.html

If this is what you are wondering about, they ride rough (no suspension) as they are designed for transport to a site where they will sit for months, if not permanently.

They have no landing gear, so the front end must be lifted by crane, winch, or large fork lift so that the tractor can connect and disconnect.

The framing is very low just in front of the wheels, so you have to watch the road so as not to high center. (Just like a low boy trailer, they can hang on railroad crossings and driveway edges.)

They aren’t very heavy, as they are transported empty.

The pigtail connectors (air and electrical connectors from tractor to trailer) are far back from the tractor and stretch air lines and electrical pigtails especially when turning tight to the right. (most connectors are on the driver’s side of the trailer front and recessed so as not to be damaged when the tank is on the job site)

Most have access steps and folding guard rails so that workers can walk safely on top. These fold down for transport, but have to be checked when a driver hooks up to make sure someone didn’t leave them up where they will hit low structures. (with the railings up, they can be 15+ feet tall!)

Some have very short throated king pins, so a tractor with a long frame behind the 5th wheel might not be able to hook and turn. My 5th wheel slides back to center over my rear drive axle to hook to short throated trailers. Usually they are moved in job sites by single axle tractors.

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