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Roll Off Containers

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roll off containers
Is there any toys that rats love?

Is they any toys I should put in my rat cage that I can make or buy ( buy only if they REALLY like it) . I put in a tube made of a paper towel roll, toilet paper rolls A hammock came with my cage ( the rats will not go in it so forget that) I have an igloo I made a hammock out of a raspberry cranberry container those big ones ( I cut off top put towel in and tied to cage) They love it! Soooo what else can i use?

Hi from France ♫

Did you tried a wheel ? Also you can offer him a old T.shirt ! He will go inside and will make many holes all over !.. !o!
I’m laughing because in the past I had a rat and I lent him a shirt, the following day, this shirt were completely ” broken ” ! Now I know that rats love clothes !..!o!

Have a great day,


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