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Roll Off Containers

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roll off containers
If sex is sweet, and death bitter, love must be both? Sex in a coffin, not for most, but is it truely an odity

They were all willing to do it in a bed, not 20 feet away, I had no plans of “soiling” the one I had in mind. It was opulant and worthy of such a deed. I was being an opportunist, trying to bring the abstract to light. Love creates an energy, even tawdry sex, wht better place to let that flow than a container for the dead? Coffins are foreboding objects, why not transferr the power the have over us? I would be glad to know my own personal coffin had done more than roll off an asswmbly line into a showroom.

You sound very twisted to me. Sex is after marriage and death need not be bitter. Yes love may be both sweet and bitter at times but why have sex in a coffin why not just jump into the grave and have it there? If you must have sex in a coffin you should at least have it in your own, just buy one and keep it in the attic or back room untill you need in either for sex or for your burial.♫