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Roll Off Containers

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roll off containers
What is the name of this candy?

What is the gummy candy that is individually wrapped and sold in strips? I think they were bugs and were flat. I have this distinct memory of them and they were so good, This is all i can remember about them. They were different shapes (bugs maybe) and flat in plastic containers with foil backs. Like the big gummy watches. No its not swedish fish or fruit roll ups. they were about bite sized and individual. They were also two flavors, half and half. The details keep coming to me. I also remember that they were molded in their plastic package and you would have to peel the foil backing off of the package and pop them out of their molded plastic container.
Remeber, i am talking about dinosaur and bug shapes. Not gummy bears. Everyone seems to remember them but no one knows what they are.
I found it. After all the time i spent looking, i finally found it. SLIME SLURPS.
Here is a picture of them.


I remember those from the late 80’s early 90’s…they were super soft and delicious. I don’t remember the exact name but here is a pic.