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Roll Off Containers

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roll off containers
Do you think my film still works ?

I finished a roll of ISO film a month ago and I took it to a drugstore to get it developed and once they had ripped off the container they called me and said they didnt develop that type of film there I havent found a place to get it developed where they actually develop that type of film so ive just had it laying around she told me that as long as I dont take off the tape it’ll be okay but its been a while so im not sure if I should even bother still getting it developed .

What on earth is ISO film when it’s at home?

What is it, 120, 35mm. 110 or what
also b&w, colour print, trannies?

I am assuming when you talk about the tape that you are on about 120 film which most high st labs don’t do these days.
Find a pro lab and get it into them.