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roll off container

Items that are not allowed in a Roll off Container

Some companies do not allow specific items to be placed in a roll off container or more popularly known as a roll off dumpster. They have several reasons for the restrictions, but mostly to abide by the state’s regulations on proper disposal of certain items. It is best to know what these items to avoid: paint, asbestos, fuels, tires, propane tanks, batteries, refrigerants A/C, dirt, rocks, TV and computer monitors, concrete and large rocks as well as railroad ties.

I decided to specify these items in my terms and conditions so that I can avoid the same problems that I went through in the past. People who rented my roll off container or roll of dumpster went crazy putting all kinds of stuff. This was especially the case during the time when the economy is on a high note, everyone is replacing their appliances so quickly. So they ended up collecting all kinds of stuff and then put them aside. And when they do some spring cleaning, that’s when they see all the stuff they collected. They think that putting them all in a dumpster they rented is acceptable. It’s a good thing that nowadays, people are more conscious about buying new stuff. Thanks to reuse, reduce and recycle concept, old stuff can be made into something useful.

There was also this construction company who rented a dumpster from my company and dumped so much paint and concrete on my roll off container. I did not recognize the truck that I used to have after hauling it back. It looked so funky covered with those paints. And the concrete when they dried up ate so much space on the dumpster; they are no longer as efficient. I needed to wait some time before I can use it again.

There are items that are considered as toxic wastes. These are propane tanks, asbestos and batteries. And because of their nature, these are definitely unacceptable by any dumpster rental company. But the government has issued regulations on such items’ proper disposal so people are very careful about disposing them.

People have become more responsible these days. I guess it is mainly because most dumpster rental companies specify the unacceptable items in a roll off container in their terms and conditions. Perhaps they are afraid to be charged with penalty for violating any section in the terms and conditions.

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