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Roll Off Container

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roll off container
could i still get my film developed even though its way less than a whole roll?

i told my friend to unwind the film in my fisheye lomography camera. she unwound it a little bit and she heard a click she thought she was done, so she opened the canister and of course. like practically the whole roll of film was exposed. so she snipped the film that was exposed off.. and im guessing we only have a little strip of film that actually made it in the black container thing..

is it still possible for me to get it developed at like cvs or something? would they accept it?

Both of you need to visit a camera store and have them explain how film canisters work to protect the film and how to properly rewind 35 mm film.

You can have the film that was in your camera developed and you will only be charged for the printable photos. Tell them that the roll is short since you cut off some of it, otherwise they will think that their equipment malfunctioned and waste time trying to troubleshoot their film extraction system

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