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roll off container
Who thinks Subway is overrated?

The first, and last, time I had something from Subway, it was horrible. I can’t remember what the name of the roll was, but it had this chicken fillet, and it was in a combo. Altogether, it costed something like $8.90, can’t remember the exact price,but i remember thinking it was a rip-off.
The ads all say it’s fresh, freshly grilled this, blah blah blah, but I saw them MICROWAVING my chicken fillet straight from the fridge! You call that fresh??! And what I got was a measly 6 inch roll, a small drink and some cookie that’s probably been left in the container for a week or so. Overall i was not a happy customer. Who else thinks Subway is overrated or have had bad experiences with the food or services? I don’t know if the NZ Subway is different to the rest of the worlds’, but microwaving food sure ain’t what I’d consider as “fresh”.

I hate Subway. I used to work there, and they are so cheap they only want you to put 3 olive slices on a 6″ sandwich. They skimp on all the food. And it doesn’t taste that great in the first place. For the prices they charge, they should load it up! Screw them!

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