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roll off container
Why do girls post their weight and ask guys if they’re fat?

I mean, guys really have no clue about what a certain weight looks like on a girl because we all LIE ABOUT OUR WEIGHT to them! I never met a woman who wouldn’t chisel 5-10 or more pounds off her weight if her boyfriend asked her what she weighed. This has resulted in guys seeing a 125 pound woman and thinking she weighs 110 pounds, and thinking anything over 150 involves big flabby stomach rolls and a cottage cheese container’s worth of cellulite. So tell me girls, WHY do you keep posting your weights on here and asking men to tell you if you are fat? Why don’t you just look in the mirror and be honest with yourself about what you’re carrying?

hmm, honestly i always tell ppl i am 602 pounds.mostly cuz i am bigger and don’t care.there is no way i am even close to that but, i get rid of the losers, who hit on me fast.

as for why girls do it, lets see here is the only place where they can say it and ppl would never know who they are or anything. they don’t have to lessen the pounds they can say what they are and not have to worry about anyone knowing who they really are.
besides most women worry about their weight, society has made us that way , with barbies, models who fit the 5% of what ppl can look like normally.and even some of those models use drugs to make themselves look that way.
btw for the record some ppl are anxeric , who weight like 101 pounds and are tall and think they are fat.so looking in the mirror doesn’t help them.
also u get 2 girls on the bus calling u fat, even if you aren’t, u begin to doubt yourself, and if u have no boyfriend to ask, i guess here being a safe place is better then nothing.

i know u are probly looking for the answer cuz they want complements or cuz they can’t deal with issues etc , and why can’t they just look in a mirror.but the truth is sometimes we are blind to ourselves in the mirror and ask others.

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