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Can I be evicted for having street signs in my apartment?

I returned home from work and found a “notice to vacate” letter.
The next day I took the letter to the office hoping it was a mistake. I talked to the property manager who had pictures of street signs that were hanging in our apartment. I had come to find out he had written a fake work order in order to get into our apartment to take the pictures. He said that we had stolen the signs from Bonnie Ridge Apartments and this is the reason we are being evicted. We actually found 2 signs (a “Stop” sign and a blue “Private Residential Community” sign) in the dumpster area when we moved in 6 months ago.

Does anyone know if there are real grounds for eviction?
I live in MD, and I know that dumpster diving per se is legal when not specifically prohibited by state or local law.

Both the stop sign and the private signs are stolen property. Doesn’t matter where you ‘found them’, they are stolen and you knew they were stolen. That’s possession of stolen property. Since most if not all residential tenancy agreements say you can be evicted for illegal activity, they will have the legal right to evict you.

Next place you stay, I’d advise you not keep stolen property on the premises.