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Are you supposed to tip the garbage collectors around X-mas time?

At my old apartment the landlord had a big dumpster out front for our garbage that he paid to have disposed of. This year I live somewhere new, and we are responsible for our own trash removal. In my town, you can either rent a roll-away trash can type thing for a monthly fee, or buy these special garbage bags from the trash company that you just sit out on the curb. I buy the garbage bags because it’s cheaper for me living alone. I was just wondering, do people normally tip the garbage man at Christmas time? I never see them when they come around, I’m usually not at home, so would I just like tape an envelope to the top of one of the garbage bags if we are supposed to tip? Thanks everyone
thanks Mr. Warrior, that’s a good idea
I’ve had pretty good service from them. One time they didn’t pick up my bags though, they picked up everyone elses but left mine, but there may have been a car that parked in front of it after i sat it out

Since you feel your service is good, efficient, and you are thankful for it, I think it is totally appropriate to give a gift at Christmastime. However, I would be VERY cautious about what the gift item is because it may well be stolen before your “collector” gets to it. Do you know the company’s name? Can you contact their office? If so, you might call them and ask for the name of your “collector(s)” and then the company’s mailing address. (You can explain to the person who answers the phone that the person is NOT in TROUBLE but, in fact, you’re pleased with their service, and wish to “recognize” it personally.)

THEN, find a gift (certificate/card, etc.) which can be “registered” in THAT PERSON’s NAME. Then send it to him/her enclosed in a Christmas Card, sent “IN CARE OF” the Company. This way the gift can ONLY be used by the person you intend it to be, and it is safe and secure from theft.

I just LOVE my Sanitation company! They are always RIGHT on time… you can set your clock by them… and if I happen to forget to put the “roll-cart” at the curb, they will drive down my driveway and collect it. They won’t just drive past! I’ve given them Christmas gifts in the past, but currently, my finances are not the best. So I have to be careful of my gift-giving.

Have a polite day.

Written by Dumpster Man

July 2nd, 2005 at 8:48 pm