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people are dumping their garbage in my dumpster!?

I own a home that I rent out to two families. I have a dumpster with garbage service that comes once a week. For the longest time I have been getting charged extra fees because of overflow and bags left on the ground. I have complained to my tenants numerous times but just last week my tenant called me and said that at 6:00am in the morning there was a pick-up truck dropping off alot of garbage bags. It was dark out still and she couldnt ID the truck or plate. So its not my tenants but rather other people.
Can I call the police to watch the area? Or what do I do? I have called the waste company and they have provided me with a lock and key but that wouldnt stop them from just leaving it on the ground next to the container.

If you know about what time this happens I bet you could get the police to come by at about that time to get the guy. I would do the lock thing just in case he doesn’t just leave the garbage on the ground. You could also install a motion sensitive light over the dumpster and the area around it so it might discourage the guy from dumping, or at least allow you to see his license plate to report.

What would be best is to pelt him with paintballs but I have a feeling that you could get in a wee bit of trouble for that.

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Written by Dumpster Man

November 14th, 2007 at 12:43 am