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What laws do landlords have to abide by for a mobil home outside a park or community?

I need to know how to find updated laws for landlords whom oversee mobil homes that are not placed within parks and such… this link – http://www.azlawhelp.org/viewresults.cfm?mc=3&sc=72 —shows what the laws are for a landlord in Mobile Home Parks…. but the unit my bf is renting, is NOT placed in “park.” He is placed in a culdasac basically. Theres a two story home next door, then a fenced home on the other side… but there is ONE main garbage dumpster thing that all these people share… Im not sure what to consider my Bf’s type of housing, but if i must guess it’s a mobil home (has a hitch attatchment, hasnt been moved in years, plywood boards basically outlining the perimeter of the home, cheap wood insides, non waterproof paints, hidden/painted over/boarded over damages….ect) So anyone know some UPDATED laws for landlords to follow for SINGLED out mobil homes they rent out or what?

He needs to read the laws for a single family home, those are what apply to him.

Written by Dumpster Man

September 4th, 2011 at 8:45 am