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What is the average rental cost of a dumpster?

Is there anyone out there who has a general idea of what it would cost to rent a dumpster? My neighbor and I are cleaning out our basements and garages, which are pretty cluttered. Most of the stuff will have to be tossed, either due to damage (rodents, insects, mold, etc) or its just outdated. We’ve gotten a start on the project, and have estimated that we’ll end up collecting about 25 cubic yards of trash. Therefore, we’ll need either a 20 or 30 cubic yard dumpster.

We could also put the trash in bags and put them on the curb for weekly pickup, but it would take months and $400 in garbage stickers. The dumpster would obviously have the less time benefit, but would it be more cost effective to simply put it on the curb?

All advice would be greatly appreciated, especially on how to lower the cost of trash removal. Thank You.

That depends!!! Let’s explain what is involved in Dumpster Pricing.

Rates for Dumpster vary greatly across the US and even across local Counties. There are two big pieces: landfill costs and Local Municipalities. Landfills charge by the Ton or in some cases by the Yard. The “tipping” charge (to tip the contents of a Dumpster into the landfill) varies greatly from one part of the country to another. But, did you know that the type of Waste also makes a huge difference? Most Dumpster Rental companies do not want you to know this “dirty little secret” (pun intended). Let us help you get the lowest possible cost by proving you the right type of Dumpster Rental at DumpsterSource.com. Municipalities also come into play. Some have special fees and taxes associated with Trash Disposal. Others have “Franchised” their area creating a fixed price with a monopoly hauler. Yet others compound this problem with the need for Special Permits to rent or place a Dumpster Rental. It can be very confusing so call 1-888-423-8677 for help with Dumpster Rentals.

Of course the Dumpster Rental Size also affects Pricing. Larger dumpsters cost more because they hold more tonnage. Tonnage is a large part of a Dumpster Rental. You pay for the amount of tons or yards you dump (or tip). Larger Dumpster Rentals also require a little more fuel to truck around. Fuel Service fees are now common practice across the US. We at DumpsterSource.com negotiate the best possible rates for Fuel Fees and Environmental Fees.

How Does DumpsterSource Price Rolloff Dumpster Rentals?
DumpsterSource prices Dumpster Roll-off Container Rentals several ways. Typically we charge an “all-in” flat rate for each container type. This avoids hidden charges or fees that the typical homeowner may not thinkto ask about. Call us and we’ll talk it all through with you! Or visit out site at www.DumpsterSource.com to check for pricing and schedule online.

Let’s get back to the biggest driver of Dumpster Rental Pricing: Tonnage. Most Dumpster Rentals will have a Tonnage Allowance (see DumpsterSource.com for details). We set the Tonnage allowance based on tons of experience (get it?). The typical job will not exceed the tonnage allowances, but, sometimes they do. Let’s look at the process to understand what happens: every Dumpster crosses an Official Scale (State Monitored) on their way to the landfill or transfer station. If your Dumpster Rental weighs more than your max allowance then extra tonnage charges will apply. Let me give you an example. Take our most popular Container the 30 yard Dumpster. Lets say the “All in” price is $450 with a 4 Ton Allowance. And in this case extra tons are $50 a ton. If your Dumpster crosses the Scales at 3.987 tons then your Price remains $450, however, if it crosses the Scales at 5.1 tons then you owe 5.1-4=1.1 ton at $50/ton or $55 additional to cover the overage. Confusing? Not too hard to figure out. What is more important is that you get the right container in the first place! Depending on your job type and the type of debris you have DumpsterSource.com will help you select the right type of container for your job. Ask us about Specialty Containers such as Shrub and Brush or Metal Recycling or Concrete. If you have special waste type like Concrete you need a Specialty Container. We will help you choose the right Dumpster Rental – 1-888-423-8677 or dumpsters@iws.com.

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April 3rd, 2011 at 12:59 pm