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Why recycle when it costs you money to do so?

The apartment complex I am currently living at has garbage dumpsters which is covered by the rent. It does not have recycling bins. Each apartment can have their own recycling bin, but it costs an additional monthly fee.

Can you explain to me how this makes any sense whatsoever? This gives me no incentive to recycle–in fact, it gives me more incentive not to. I would be glad to recycle but because of this I will not do so while I’m living here.

Can you tell me the logic behind paying to recycle? Please don’t say “for the environment” and “being selfless” as reasons–I am glad to recycle and have done so in the past, but I am not going to pay to do so because I am not rich. This is like having to pay money to volunteer at a homeless shelter.

It really doesn’t make any sense. The fact that people separate items for recycling is already saving the transfer sites money because they can hire less people to sort it all out when it comes in. It saves them time and they in turn can sell the aluminum and glass and make a profit. Normally they would have to pay a crew to go through all that garbage and then sell the recyclables to regain some of their money. But now they get you to sort it out, pay them for it, and still turn around and make a better profit…It’s a pretty good gig…A lot of people won’t bother recycling in the first place and making them pay to do it sure isn’t going to change their minds.

We can call them selfish but it won’t change anything. It’s just human nature, most people aren’t going to do something unless it directly benefits them immediately. I remember years ago, our garbage collection agency gave us green bins to put paper products in. I had mine loaded with newspapers, the collection agency came, the guy must have dropped the bin and the papers were all over my driveway…Did he pick it up? NO!, he left it for me to clean up… I wrote them a letter telling them I was done sorting out my garbage and thanked them for my new green flower pot.

They never even came around to get that!

Written by Dumpster Man

June 14th, 2007 at 2:04 pm