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I want to buy a Dumpster. Not rent, buy for my own personal use. Where can I buy? How much would it be? Other?

I want to buy a Dumpster. like a good size Dumpster. not a small one either, like the bigger ones, not too big but slightly big, enough to fit furniture in and preferably the ones where one end is angled diagonally. I have one outside my apartment but I want one so that I can sorta destroy and turn into something else. I want to do a project basically that involves a dumpster, but I need to know where I can buy one and how much it will cost. Any info this type of thing will be greatly appreciated. any and all info would be great, so please answer this. BTW I do not want to rent, I want buy fully, because I can’t wreck up and pretty much destroy something if I am renting it.
I also want one that is not a trailer. I do not want a trailer dump thing, like the one you can attach to the back of your car or truck for whatever. I want a real dumpster.


Written by Dumpster Man

February 8th, 2008 at 4:19 am