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Hi, hope someone can help. I just did my first roof-branching out on my own. When I worked with a company for?

too many years, I never saw a bill, I was strictly a laborer. I removed the roof, had a big bin to put everything in, replaced the roofed and the people love it. It would have cost more than the insurance is paying due to the shape of the roof ,
and it rained on and off so we could not work every day. PLEASE, does anyone know how to write up a bill?The 25 year shingles were 1767.00, dumpster, 5565. Flashing, Had to rent one ladder,65.00. Labor was 7075.00. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

The advice of the first comment is good. There are printing businesses that will offer a selection of various billing forms to fill different needs. And there is this site that maybe of some help. Either in giving you a better idea as to what you want/need. And if I am not mistaken you can even download the form. Nice being your own boss now,huh? Remember to charge the cost of materials plus ten percent in case material costs increase during the job. The best of luck.to you in this new endeavor.


Written by Dumpster Man

December 6th, 2006 at 9:28 pm