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Garbage Removal

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garbage removal
Garbage disposal?

I bought a new house and the old owner left a lot of garbage which I now have to get cleaned.
I wanted to ask if there are companies who would pick the recyclable/reusable wastes? If not then what is the best way to get garbage disposed off. I know about garbage removal services but they are too expensive. Is there is another solution?
Garbage in my backyard has copper pipes, iron pipes and lots of wood. Also broken tiles, sheetrock etc…
I really want to get rid of this stuff… I would like to know the best and most economical way.
Thanks in advance

Sounds like construction stuff; call a construction company and see if you can dump there for a minimal fee.

In our area it’s cheaper to just rent a dumpster for 24 hours, fill it on site and they come pick it up. Compare that cost to several trips to the dump and see which is easier.

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