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How do I get a skateboard out of a huge garbage dumpster? EMERGENCY!!?

Alright..my dad threw away my skateboard in the garbage. I live in an aparment buiding, and there’s like 5 huge dumpsters. I wanna get it back, but it’s wayy too deep and probably loaded with garbage now.

Garbage collection for my area isn’t until next Monday, so I have a bit of time.. I really need to get that skateboard back..

Thanks a ton, it’s an emergency. I gotta do something, and quick!
Smiling. Do you have any idea how I could get a hold of the garbage man? All I know is that collections on Monday, but I won’t be home. I’ll be at school >_<.

I would contact the building maintenance (caretaker, superintendant),
Preferably in person…politely, (and briefly) explain what happened
( he/she may not have a lot of time.or interest)…
ask him if he knows WHICH dumpster is it most likely to be found in….and if he has any pointers. It’s probably not the 1st time he’s been asked…at least you’re looking for something large! (not like a ring or something :) Who knows? He might offer to help? (He may also say forget it…then plan B….ask the garbageman).
Good luck girl!