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Is it illegal to dump garbage in other people’s dumpsters?

I live in a townhouse with 8 units. We pay a quarterly association fee and among other things, it cover garbage removal. There is a dumpster behind the garages for all the units to use. When I came home tonight there was a car with a lady I did not recognize and four little kids right next to the dumpster. Her back seat was full of garbage bags. I pulled up to her and yelled, “Do you live here?” She claimed her grandmother lived here and she just threw in one bag. I do not believe it, and I am wondering if I should have gotten her license plate number and called police. The dumpster we have is not huge, and it fills rather quickly at times, and I am wondering how often this is happening and what I can do about it. I figure, if I have to pay for the service, so should she. Any suggestions?

Yes, it is illegal. You are paying for a certain size of dumpster & regularity of pick-up. This woman is stealing a portion of your access to the service you purchased. This is the same as if she took your cell phone & used some of the minutes. You can report her to the cops, complex mgmt, garbage company, but they can’t do much except catch her & tell her to stop it.