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When is it time to swallow my pride?

I’m a flat broke college kid. I make just enough to pay my rent and my utilities and buy gas to get to work. There is never much left over for food, and its getting pretty bad. I’m not in any real danger of starving, but I’ll be blunt- if it isn’t pasta, its stolen. I’ve eaten out of dumpsters before, but I don’t like doing that. My parents don’t have anything left to give me, and my friends have helped as much as they can. I know I have the option of applying for welfare and food stamps, but I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to be ‘that girl’ at the grocery store who whips out the food stamps. I don’t want to be stared at, and I don’t want to be pitied. My pride is fighting me on this. My question is- when is it time to swallow my pride? Should I stick to my guns and make things work, or should I give in and the the government help me? What would you do?

oh please! you are doing a GOOD THING, studying to become a productive human being to this society. go get food stamps, you need them, your parents have paid taxes all their working lives, and you need help. someday you will give something back to the world because of your education. if you feel badly about it after you recieve your degree you can do something to “give back” if you know what I mean. and do NOT feel ashamed there is NO shame in your game sometimes we all need a little help. good luck