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Is it possible to rent a dumpster for only a day?

I want to empty out my garage and my attic but I believe I can get the whole job done in one day….any suggestions on what I should do with all the cool stuff I don’t need any more…seems a shame to throw some of it out.

Yes I have one in my driveway right now (We’ve been doing the same cleaning). They usually give you 2 weeks to keep it and you can get rid of it at any time, even one day. The cost is the weight of the dumpster contents. It is costing me $600 per roll of container. The price is usually around $300 for a full container since I’m not throwing out super heavy items (like a bunch of concrete, mostly things like broken furniture or old toys). I got the largest one available for residences.

Give the good items to the salvation army for good karma, or a homeless shelter, have a mini yard sale, sell it on craigslist or ebay, or just see if any of your friends need it. Don’t keep stuff just to keep it, someone out there could use it.