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Could you survive living on the streets, eating out of dumpsters, sleeping alone at night when the crack heads?

are running ramped & high as a kite? Would you be afraid to try this life style even for a short time? Could you, would you, be able to cut it out there?

I took an urban survival course a few years back. I am a single, not unattractive young woman. I made it on the streets of Toronto, Canada with no money for two weeks in February.

I lost 8 pounds in the process, suffered no injuries, and I didn’t freeze to death. Street people look after each other very well. At no time did I feel endangered, although I did get pressured to take a job as a hooker.

New Yorkers Enjoy Dumpster Dipping

Written by Dumpster Man

May 14th, 2008 at 1:44 am