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what about FOOD? Is it illigal to go and get “expired” pastries from bakeries dumpsters?…or wrapped goods?

When stores, bakeries, coffee shops, or anywehre else throw out “expired” goods for that day….Is it illigal to take them? I haven’t seen one dumpster with a lock on it and some places have good stuff that is not really expired. If they are not going to donate it to the homeless then why not the homeless take it out for them selves?

By contract, the company which owns the store is only allowed to sell food during a certain range of dates.

In many cases, the food has already sat in a warehouse for years. It is either heavily laden with preservatives or thoroughly pasteurized, such that it will never go bad.

Managers will tend to ruin these foods and lock them in a dumpster to prevent them from being returned for a refund, but, in areas where hungry “freegans” are relentless in their pursuits, the management will avoid liability by stacking the food in any convenient place, outside of the store.

This is even done, unofficially, with meats, breads, fresh vegetables, and frozen entrees. but the store will usually not risk a lawsuit by writing off perishable foods to the churches and shelters, which could use them most.

The loading dock area in the back may become busy at night, which is when most of the real work is usually done, but, during business hours, the store lot is considered public property.

It’s best for scavengers to be discrete if not bothered, to be sincere when watched, and to leave if asked.

Trespass tends to be a non-issue if you’re not seen as a threat or nuisance.

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Written by Dumpster Man

June 3rd, 2005 at 1:36 am