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Do Liberals want all guns to be melted down, and turned into Dumpsters for use in Abortion clinics?

I am Pro Choice, and I strongly support the right to bear arms.
Lol Sadcat.
I don’t give thumbs down based on what party you are with. I give thumbs down based on what you believe, and say.

Honestly I could care less who you vote for.

Sure. That’s what we all say, every single day. In fact, I was having lunch with my friend the late-term abortion doctor, and he said to me, “Gosh, I could use some more dumpsters for aborted fetuses. Do you think you could give me your AK-47, so I could melt it down?”

Seven Dumpsters And a Corpse

Written by Dumpster Man

December 26th, 2005 at 12:07 am