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Why are there gigantic piles of garbage on the streets in New York? Haven’t they ever heard of dumpsters?

And why do they put their garbage on a big boat and dump it into the ocean? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal here on the west coast. Why don’t they build a landfill or something?
There is plenty of room in New York for another landfill. Everyone is cramped up and living in shoe boxes. There is a ton of room in Westchester County.

First of all, the piles of garages that you see on the street, amusing they’re bagged, are for street side collections. Folks put them out on certain days for Sanitation to pick them up.

Second, trash get transported buy rail not by boat. Therefore, they can not be dumped into ocean. We have laws in this country about ocean dumping.

Third, there use to be a land fill in New York City. Its called the Fresh Kill Landfill and its located on Staten Island, which is one of the 5 boroughs of New York City. Fresh Kill closed in 2003 and its in the process of being turned into a park. There was also one in Northern Queens, which is today LaGuardia Airport.

Fourth, good luck trying to ask Westchester Country to allowing a landfill. Every resident and politician from Mt. Vernon to Poughkeepsie will raise an uproar over our garbage.

BTW: there are dumpsters in NYC, however, their owned by private trash collector, not the city.

Good luck

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November 14th, 2009 at 8:59 am