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bad Smell in my truck!?

So I went to take my truck up the road to the big dumpster to dispose of my trash and when I got there I realized that one of the bags were leaking on my carpet in the trunk. When I got back home the carpet reeked so I sprayed it with some febreeze and wiped it down but when I came back to get my fone out the car 20 mins later it smelled super bad lol..so i read on here to use white vinegar to remove some bad smells but that doesnt seem to work ne ideas? i need suggestions asap because I dnt have gas to go buy ne thing right now lol

I recently bought a van from a guy who went fishing with his boat. Iniatially, we didn’t notice anything, but as the days passed, that thing really began to smell foul! I used Febreeze, carpet cleaners, baking soda you name it. Finally, I broke down and bought like 2 cans of foaming carpet cleaner and went to my local car wash with some baking soda, the 2 cans of carpet cleaner and a spritzer bottle of vinegar. I literally soaked the carpet with the fans of foamy cleaner, and vacuumed it out, then followed that with some baking soda sprinkled in and then spritzed to with the vinegar spray bottle and washed the outside and polished it, then came back and vacuumed the snot out of it. Problem solved, the carpet is cleaned, smells like just nice, fresh. I did however, do this on what was going to be a boiling hot day, I did it early and left the windows half open till late afternoon, so it would dry out thoroughly. The trick is to get to the source of the problem. I think the guy had left the fish on the floor or something and it had soaked into the carpet. If the ooze soaked down into the carpet, you will have to get to that, and sooner is better. If you have some white vinegar and a shop vac, you can take care of this. Just spritz the mess THOROUGHLY and vacuum up with the shop vac. Be prepared to rinse the hose immediately after doing this, so you don’t end up with a stinking shop vac too. Hope this helps you! Good luck!

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