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How do I get my roommate to take out the garbage?

My roommate is generally quite clean and not just their jobs everyone. But the only thing that is just taking out the garbage. When bin is full, it will take out the trash and leave the side of the door and do not touch it. Well she walks pass the trash every morning to go to school. She waits for someone to take out the trash for her, even if you have faced in this regard. We are all girls and about the same size, so it's not a question of strength. Suggestions? Thank you!

I had this problem even when I had a roommate. That's what I did: First, I spoke to subject, saying he felt he was expecting me to always take out the trash, it was unfair. He added that it is necessary to engage in who does what at home and taking out the garbage is both our responsibility and we both get away in the box. Ultimately, words are not enough and leave me again. Secondly, I left her notes "please take the trash" on the door. She did not ignored. Third and final … this may be a little aggressive, but finally got the picture. She had made a meal of chicken, stuffed with trash and other end of the road. The next morning, I realized that she had tied the garbage bag closed, and give me a clue to realize it. Instead he took the bag of tin and put it in your room. When she returned home, he mentioned that something smelly and I said "maybe your trash?" She said: "Oh, no, I know that the" outside, as he turned the corner and saw the trash bag in your room. Yes, I was angry, especially because she knew she was stuck in bed, but also because now your room reeked of rotting chicken. I would said that now he knows how I feel when it is removed. It was one of those moments where he learned the hard way, but it did finally begin to take out the trash! Good luck!

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