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dumpster size
Where do you throw away trash too big to fit into your roadside trash bin, besides dumpsters?

Where do you throw away something approximately as large as professional size basketball backboard?

You don’t. You take it directly to the dump and pay to have them take it.
Okay, that’s a bit harsh. Is it completely unusable – as in cracked and breaking? Why not continue to break it apart? Smash it into small pieces and then it will fit in your can.
Another idea is to try and recycle it. If it is in decent condition, try posting it on freecycle and see what happens.
Oh yeah, some towns have a “Spring cleanup” that will let you drop off heavy trash at certain deposit places, sometimes for a fee, sometimes for free. Find someone with a truck to help you haul it off to the deposit sites.
But don’t find someone else’s dumpster and put it in late at night when no one is looking. That’s kind of rude.

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