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Would it be better to donate your recyclables to homeless and poor people…?

Instead of taking them yourself or paying for a recycling service to collect them? It would be easier and it would help out the poor, since they could sell the things and get some money…pocket change to us but it could mean a meal that didn’t come from a dumpster to them. Could we have programs where people donate their recyclables to the homeless?

people are strange…i see alot of ignorance in some of these answers….i was homeless once…with a child and a full time job at a skilled job…it just did not pay enough to make rent and i don’t/didn’t buy anything new and was never a consumer type to create a misfortune of being homeless….the MAJORITY of homeless people are women with children….not that cashing in on recycleables would help this catagory of homeless….most other homeless are veterans of military and the mentally ill…cast aside from society…starting a recyling program would benefit this group as they tend to be the people going through trash to collect these things….i give people coming into my parking lot to go through our dumpster all of our recycleables…that are not even mine because i won’t buy things that come in plastic bottles or cans…i collect them from my neighbors and when i see them lying around….the people that i give them to are very gracious and never offended….there isd more dignity when someone hands you something than going through a dumpster

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