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What would YOU do in this situation?

You live in a duplex, and you pay between $20-$30 per month for trash service since it’s not provided by your landlord. Your trash is picked up on Thursday mornings. Between the time it was picked up and now (Saturday afternoon), you know you haven’t put anything in there. Strangely enough, when you go to throw out your trash, the dumpster is half full! And since your neighbors don’t have their own trash service, and you’ve seen them sneaking over to the dumpster next door before, you just KNOW it has to have been them. Do you…

a) Confront them about it directly.
b) Forget about confronting them. You’ve got enough room to stick the can in your garage, so that’s what you do. And if they come to you to complain, THEN you let them have it!
c) Something else (be specific).

when we lived in a duplex our neighbor did not have trash service and could not afford it we offered to let her share ours at half the cost of the service and it worked well. she was a hard worker lived alone and still it was a struggle. so we helped and she paid 1/2 sometimes she couldn’t do that but it was ok. if your neighbors are in the same boat maybe the same arrangement can be made. if they are just cheap and want to sponge i would not allow it. don’t keep your trash can where they can access it. but if they are just struggleing then be a good neighbor and let them use it. you might need a hand some day. good luck